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Muslims also lamely pathetically claim that Judaism and Christianity prophesied about Mohammed. Of many of the religions of the world The 2 earlier Abrahamic faiths must have, but NEITHER do. Judaism only speaks of one messiah. Christianity has not one person coming soon after Jesus who they claim is definitely the Messiah Jews are waiting for. Neither Abrahamic faith prophesied Mohammed. Mohammed by himself, claimed to generally be the last prophet of your Jews without scriptural assist from either Judaism or Christianity. So what's the justification Muslims give to explain this kind of a humiliation? Oh the scriptures of Judaism and Christianity are corrupted. Discover a similar sample here so now when confronted with An additional faith they go indicating the same detail they did With all the Abrahamic faiths.

pricey yash thknx for reply So shud not get perplexed but just continue acknowleding the factors baised on logic reasonig

Query: Whom can we evaluate the most pure? Who is among the most enlightened 1 in complete world. Who supplies us mom and father all over again on earth following gifting us supreme bliss or Mukti?

“I died and was born once again, and having been born I died over again. I have tenanted A huge number of distinctive bodies.

4. He may not be confident with regard to the existence of God, Soul, rebirth, end result for work offered by God etc. These topics are very deep and wish A lot exertions to know the god and his Qualities.

And devoid of remembrance how could there be fear of Dying? Looking at that all residing beings show anxiety of Demise we should always infer that previous and upcoming births do happen.

This is what I requested to not do earlier! Respond to the issue and make sure you dont run absent. If Islam would not know the answer, question Vedas the identical question and then see what remedy you can get! In brief, I dont understand about Allah of Quran but Allah of Vedas controls Himself as He is the best controller.

I think I'm able to confirm it outside of a doubt tht hinduism is legitimate. The proof is so strong – I think it can make atheists hindu. But its a protracted remedy – I’ll reply Once i get time.

Brother do I need to say a thing on this? Let me ask you a question- Does God have electricity to carry out ungodly factors and still be God? My intent of All of this is simply to Express that correct God is unchangeable and isn't going to would like nearly anything. He will both produce or not produce relying on what on earth is greatest identical to Vedic God, who makes and destroys, results in an destroys which cycle goes on and on.

“The Operating senses are top-quality to uninteresting make any difference; brain is better when compared to the senses; intelligence continues to be higher compared to intellect; and he (the soul) is even bigger when compared to the intelligence.” (three.forty two)

Consequently, the crucial function for which humankind was made is the worship of God. However, the Almighty is just not in need of human worship. He did not make human beings from a necessity on His section. Otherwise a single human worshipped God, it wouldn't diminish His glory in almost any way, and when all of humankind worshipped Him, it would not increase His glory in check here any way.

A third cause for Botros’s achievement is always that his polemical system has proven irrefutable. Each individual of his episodes features a theme — in the urgent to your esoteric — normally expressed as a matter (e.g., “Is jihad an obligation for all Muslims?”; “Are Gals inferior to men in Islam?”; “Did Mohammed mention that adulterous woman monkeys should be stoned?

i m waiting for the working day when hindus will not be ashamed of likely to Mandir, Placing Tika on head, have some familiarity with Vedas, and all…

“Just as an age was as soon as wanting to acquire the Copernican concept in the universe, so is our age Completely ready for the idea of reincarnation to get introduced into the general consciousness of humanity”.

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